Hi Beautiful. I'm Lindsay Hack. First, I truly believe we come into each others lives for a reason so THANK YOU for coming into my life.

Since 2016 when I started Evolve4You, my coaching and life have been all about MEALS, MOVEMENT, and MINDSET. True health and happiness requires the connection of all three. That's what I believe, live, and teach.

My mission is to empower you to transform yourself through healthy eating, enjoyable movement, and constructive thinking. I want to help you become your BEST SELF.
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I used to HATE movement.

As a young girl and teenager, I was never into sports or exercise and was very skinny. I use to have people ask me if I “ever ate” Of course I did. I ate chocolate bars, chips, and pop……ALL THE TIME. I just had a fast metabolism and was a small girl. It wasn’t until University that I start gaining weight. This was the first time I became aware of the “unrealistic normal” the world places on women every day. I obsessed over magazines. I checked out my butt, my breasts and wondered how could I get what ‘they had’ I had cut outs on the fridge of women in tiny bathing suits ‘motivating’ me not to open the fridge and eat. It worked for a little while but all day alcohol benders, late night pizza delivery and lack of exercise took its toll.

I used to HATE my body and my life.

As I continued my unhealthy university student habits, I started to suffer from insomnia. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep well when I did finally fall asleep. My studies suffered, my partying ramped up and when I finally graduated I was 25 pounds heavier with Ds in almost every subject. My body was suffering, my mind was even worse. I started working in the ‘real world’ and hated every moment of it. I decided I wanted to go traveling and worked for the next year as much as possible. I ate like shit, I never did any exercise and worked into all hours of the night at the bar only to wake up after a few hours of sleep to start my day job and repeat.

When I started my solo travel to the UK I was overwhelmed with loneliness. My mind and my body were shutting down and I got really sick. I was alone in a new place, with no one and I was sick and sad. I eventually started feeling well enough to meet some friends (and my future husband Ben). After 2 more years of travel, Ben and I settled down in Canada to start a ‘real life’.
It was at that moment I saw what all the drinking, eating badly, not exercising, smoking and suffering from insomnia had done to my body and my mind. I decided I needed to make a change.

Ben was not allowed to work while we went through immigration in Canada so he focused on getting healthier. I would love to tell you that I joined him with a healthy attitude from the beginning. But I didn't. I'll tell you more about how hard that time was for myself and my marriage as you and I get to know one another.

Eventually, Ben and I started running, swimming and getting healthier together. I got a little obsessed with learning more about how the body moves, how to fuel it properly for racing and soon decided I wanted to go back to school and make this my career. 

I used to think MEALS & MOVEMENT were enough.
Fast forward to today, I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years. I started as a run coach, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. For many years, I worked strictly on eating well and doing exercise. I worked with clients who wanted to make real change in their lives. We could get results but it became painfully obvious that my clients struggled with many barriers and setbacks that could NOT be solved with food and exercise alone.

So I started to expand my education. I took courses on life coaching, the psychology of eating, soul connection, meditation, and more. I began to coach my clients on more than what to eat and when to exercise. They also needed to learn how to talk to themselves, to recognize the emotions that were holding them back, and to deal with the fear that continued to sabotage their efforts. I realized that in order to truly get LIFESTYLE results for my clients, all 3 needed to be addressed.

NOW I ask my clients WHY they want to change.

"Are you exercising because you LOVE the energy and the way it makes you feel?
Are you exercising because you hate the way your bum looks in your jeans?"

"Do you eat because you LOVE and honour your body and appreciate how important a healthy body is?
Do you limit and restrict what you eat out of fear or hate for your body and getting fat?"

The answer to these questions is extremely important. Their WHY is their reason to move forward or to fall back when they encountered setbacks or barriers. 
I am on a mission to support women as they create their own confidence.
I am on a mission to help women slow down to really understand who they are.
I am on a mission to bring happiness and health to all women.
I am on a mission to help nourish, empower and honour women everywhere.

I would love to help you push past whatever has held you back in the past. I am here to offer support, guidance, and direction focused on YOUR personal goals.

​​​​​​​A healthier and happier you is waiting, it is time to really go after her.
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