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"Ya’ll-mad props to our friend Christina Beckett! I started cooking her recipes and balancing macros last week. I have already lost 5.5 pounds!  I also started doing an Evolve4You workout once a day (except weekends) at that time too.  The two together are AMAZING for my body!!!"
A Complete Bariatric Wellness Program
Your surgical team gave you a set of rules to follow but they probably did NOT tell you...

HOW to actually change your habits,
HOW to fit the nutrients you need into your tiny new tummy, 
HOW to add movement into your lifestyle in a healthy way, or HOW to deal with the inevitable stalls and mental battles.

We do...
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"I love the positivity of the Sleek & Sassy Exclusive program.  Not just from Christina, but the spirit of the entire group.  I also love the recipes.  These recipes are always so tasty and they hit the spot.  It shows us that eating healthy doesn’t mean bland, yucky food!  Christina is genuine, kind and so generous of her time with everyone!"
Coming Soon to Sassy Evolution Exclusive Members
An ongoing bariatric support community designed to help you live a truly healthy bariatric lifestyle
Workshops to help you navigate real life situations and a community to support you through the hard ones
Low cost so you never feel like you have to choose between taking care of yourself and paying your other bills.
Discover a New Kind Of Bariatric Support
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