Sassy Evolution: Healthy Living Monthly Membership
An Ongoing Bariatric Wellness Support Community
Healthy Living support doesn't have to be all about what to eat and when to exercise!

At some point, the biggest questions in bariatric life are no longer, "What the hell is a macro?", "What kind of protein supplement should I use?", and "How do I fit in exercise?". 

If those are still the questions you have... our Exclusive Program is full of answers and extra support for you. 

Eventually bariatric health challenges look a bit different:

​​​​​​​"How do I stay healthy on a tight budget?"
"I think I have stalled... what do I do?"

​​​​​​​"What should I do differently now that my goal is maintenance instead of loss?"

"How do I prepare for plastics?"

"When can I slow down this fitness routine a bit?"

"My kids brought home the flu... I'm getting sick... how do I deal with this now?"​​​​

This Is What I Need!
“Being in the Sassy Evolution programs has really prepared me to be successful in my sleeve journey. I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks that help me develop and implement a routine that works for me in this weight loss and health journey. The community support has been amazing. The program really works! I am so glad I joined!”
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Success through Community Support
Have you heard the INCREDIBLE statistic that we are 43% more likely to succeed if we are part of a supportive community?

The Sassy Evolution Healthy Living Membership was created to provide ongoing support with a budget-friendly price! It is a community for support, inspiration and education, led by TWO Health Coaches!
Christina Beckett, Founder and CEO of Sleek & Sassy Nutrition, is both a Health Coach AND Bariatric Patient. She has walked in your shoes and knows what it takes to WORK your TOOL to be a success story!

Lindsay Hack, Founder and CEO of Evolve4You Fitness & Wellness, has been a Health Coach and personal trainer for over 15 years. She specializes in combining the support and guidance of in-home personal training with the hilarious fun and variety of group fitness classes...ONLINE!
Get Ongoing Support with Sassy Evolution Healthy Living
What will you get as a member?
Each month has a different theme, but the same structure. There will be training, support and inspiration. Each month you receive:
10-15 tested recipes to spice up your meals routine.
2 NEW pdf list-style workouts to mix up your movement.
WEEKLY check-ins with one of TWO certified Health Coaches or Long-Term Members
Mini challenges with prizes, book and movie clubs on bariatric topics, and a support group of members who know what you're going through.
2 MEMBER GUIDED workshops on topics relevant to bariatric life.
DISCOUNTS on upgrades and extras like custom meal plans, one-on-one coaching calls, and Online LIVE Interactive Group Classes only available to members.
Join our Bariatric Family!