I'm Lindsay Hack. Welcome!
I'm Lindsay Hack, the wellness coach behind Evolve4You and co-founder of Sassy Evolution.

Since 2016 when I started Evolve4You, my coaching and life have been all about MEALS, MOVEMENT, and MINDSET.
True health and happiness requires the connection of all three. That's what I believe, live, and teach.

My mission is to empower you to transform yourself through healthy eating, enjoyable movement, and mindful thinking.
I want to help you become your BEST SELF.
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Lasting Wellness Starts With Your WHY!
I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years. I started as a run coach, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. For many years, I worked strictly on eating well and doing exercise. I worked with clients who wanted to make real change in their lives. We could get results but it became painfully obvious that my clients struggled with many barriers and setbacks that could NOT be solved with food and exercise alone.

So I started to expand my education. I took courses on life coaching, the psychology of eating, soul connection, meditation, and more. I began to coach my clients on more than what to eat and when to exercise. They also needed to learn how to talk to themselves, to recognize the emotions that were holding them back, and to deal with the fear that continued to sabotage their efforts. I realized that in order to truly get LIFESTYLE results for my clients, all 3 needed to be addressed.

NOW I ask my clients WHY they want to change.

"Are you exercising because you LOVE the energy and the way it makes you feel?
Are you exercising because you hate the way your bum looks in your jeans?"

"Do you eat because you LOVE and honour your body and appreciate how important a healthy body is?
Do you limit and restrict what you eat out of fear or hate for your body and getting fat?"

As you might imagine, the answers to these questions tell me how healthy my clients WHY FOR WELLNESS is.  Their WHY is their reason to move forward or to fall back when they encountered setbacks or barriers. 

The biggest reason I teach the importance of MINDSET in addition to healthy MEALS and MOVEMENT is the results I have witnessed when one of my clients has a healthy WHY. 
I am on a mission to support women as they create their own confidence.
I am on a mission to help women slow down to really understand who they are.
I am on a mission to bring happiness and health to all women.
I am on a mission to help nourish, empower and honour women everywhere.

I would love to help you push past whatever has held you back in the past. I am here to offer support, guidance, and direction focused on YOUR personal goals.

​​​​​​​A healthier and happier you is waiting, it is time to really go after her.
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